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Forum rules and warning explanations.

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Forum rules and warning explanations.

Post by Kiba Yuuto on Fri May 01, 2015 10:29 am

Every users profile has a WP bar, which is not a default function in forumotion. Because of this, it has been implemented in a way that it is an image list which only moderators will be able to edit. A problem this also brings is that the ban will have to be done manually by an admin, meaning your time might differ a little bit if no admin is online to unban you. First of all, let's quickly cover bar status.
 0 WP - you're fine.
 1 WP - no ban, expires in 30 days.
 2 WP - 1 hour ban, expires in 30 days.
 3 WP - 6 hour ban, expires in 30 days.
 4 WP - 1 day ban, expires in 30 days.
 5 WP - 3 day ban, expires in 30 days.
 6 WP - 1 week ban, expires in 60 days.
 7 WP - banned indefinitely.

So, what causes my bar to get filled?

Harassment - worth 1 to 5 WP.
Harassment is something we'd like to take seriously. Amount of warning points will be based on how severe it is.

Minor Spam - worth 1 WP.
For instance 1 sentence replies that do not add to the topic, single pic replies(unless it truly adds to the topic), a non-malicious link that does not relate to the subject. Basically any reply that does not add to the conversation, and is not major spam. Also includes using Dice Roll when unneeded.

Major Spam - worth 2 WP.
Includes, but isn't limited to - multicolored text, promotional links for other sites without explicit permission from an admin, 

Malicious Spam - worth 7 WP
Links to sites with content such as "make $4000 a day", "meet woman in your area now" etc.

18+ Posting - worth 1-3 WP
Based on severity. 18+ content may not be posted on this forum(unless we create an 18+ section later).
Kiba Yuuto
Kiba Yuuto
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