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Chat rules

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Chat rules Empty Chat rules

Post by Kiba Yuuto on Sun Apr 26, 2015 3:49 pm

When using our chatbox, please consider that it is not a right to use it. Chat moderators have the right to kick and ban users where needed. The rules are pretty simple:

Rules1st offense2nd Offense3rd Offense4th Offense5th OffenseExplanation
Spam - MinorVerbal warningVerbal warningKickBan: 1hBan: 1dThis contains, but is not excluded to: Just posting emoticons, sending the same message time and time again, talking to yourself(clugs logs).
Spam - MajorKickBan: 1hBan: 1dBan: Perma-This contains, but is not excluded to: Spamming links with malicious content, any promotional message.
Harassment - MinorVerbal warningKickBan: 1hBan: 1d-Harassment - Minor is anything that might insult someone, or a group of people(even when not represented in chat).
Harassment - MajorBan: 1dBan: Perma---Harassment - Major is straight up attacking someone with serious insults and similar cases.
Innapropiate contentBan: 1hBan: 1wBan: Perma--Any clearly 18+ content, or anything that might be considered Offensive/Gore/NSFW(NSFW-ish links allowed, if the message contains a NSFW warning)
Ignoring instructions from staffKickBan: 1dBan: Perma--If the staff asks you to do something, you should do it. Even if it is a moderator that does not have power in chat.
Staff has the right to differ from these warnings if deemed necessary. This table will only serve as a guideline. Any staff that is not the owner may be recalled upon their judgement, which will result in punishment being altered to a correct state.
Kiba Yuuto
Kiba Yuuto
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