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Television Rules

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Television Rules Empty Television Rules

Post by Jericho on Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:28 pm

Television Rules and Guidelines

Failure to follow these rules may result in a ban from this sub-forum.

Torrents/Streaming Sites - 2 Warning Points, Week Suspension from Television Sub-Forum.
No linking to any torrents or streaming sites. Doing this will result in a temporary suspension from this sub-forum and warning points. If you wish to share a streaming site, do it through PM's but please do not share any torrents at all on this forum.

Spoilers - Verbal Warning
Not every one might have watched the tv show you are discussing. Please use the spoiler bbcode so as not to ruin the show for anyone else.  Repetitive or intentional breaking of this rule will be more severe and can result in a temporary suspension from the sub-forum.
(NOTE: Spoilers in a review are fine, but please put a spoiler alert in the topic title. Story plays a massive role in most shows and is vital for being reviewed. You do not need to use spoiler BBCode in reviews)

Spoiler BBCode
[spoiler] [/spoiler]
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