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Unwise Forums is Online Empty Unwise Forums is Online

Post by Jericho on Sun Jul 19, 2015 9:10 pm

Hey there,

After some discussion, we decided to do a different take on this forum. It was too much of an ATF/OHF rip-off. We dropped a few sections we were not interested in. We will be fiddling around with the settings a bit more, but we're pretty confident about the way things currently look. We have installed a new skin, and will be adding GFX to it later.

We also had a domain and name change. We will now be known as Unwise Forums. The site will currently load on the portal, but we're currently playing around with some settings, nothing major, so we decided to re-open already

As you can see, we currently have no GFX. This is being sorted and we will have it up soon. The portal is still also under construction.

We hope to see you active soon!

- Unwise Forums Staff Team
Administration team

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