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Dice Roll - how to

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Dice Roll - how to Empty Dice Roll - how to

Post by Kiba Yuuto on Wed May 06, 2015 7:19 pm

As some RP's may require dice rolls, I decided to enable those from the start. This topic is to show you how to use dice rolls.
In order to role one or more dice, you will have to use the reply option for the topic, this option is unable for quick replies(made with the box underneath the topic).

In order to use a dice roll for a post:

Post like you would, indicate where the dice rolls are. Once you are done writing your post, underneath the reply button, you should find a dice roll bar:
Dice Roll - how to MBGKUZX
We currently have all basic dices, but more can be added with ease. If you need a custom die implemented(for instance with colors or monsters as results), ask an admin in chat, or send me a pm. You can select a dice from the dropdown menu, and set the number of dice rolls.
Underneath your post, an autopost will be sent from this account, containing your result.
If different dice are used, the leader of the RP may decide how to handle this.
Kiba Yuuto
Kiba Yuuto
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